Bridal accessories: living the fairy tale

Marriage and its meaning

broom and bride at a wedding

Marriage is one of the most momentous moments a woman experiences. Some from an early age dream of getting married and having the perfect wedding party; And it is that marriage has multiple meanings: it is the union of two people who want to share their lives eternally, it is the clearest and most indisputable mutual declaration of love, it is the beginning of an arduous bilateral work to form a family, in short, their social and personal impact is broad.

For that special day many details are taken into account. Among them, the personal image of the bride and groom is one of the most important. To contribute to the beauty that characterizes a woman on her wedding day, brides have at their disposal a series of accessories, including jewelry.

Jewelry on a special day

bride with a tiara

Brides use luxury jewelry, made of precious metals such as gold and silver in order for the jewel to be optimally preserved over the years, and to be able to transmit this jewel to future generations. But undoubtedly the wedding ring is the main protagonist. This is accompanied by other garments depending on the choice of the bride, for example: earrings, bracelets, tiaras, chokers, etc.

What jewelry should I wear?

Many women are faced with a dilemma when it comes to choosing the jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding party. Undoubtedly, the following should be taken into account to base the final choice: the jewels must combine with each other with respect to the materials, that is, if you opt for gold, all the jewels must be gold, the same with silver, although you could use white gold as it does not combine badly with silver because of its color. In the same way, if the marriage ring is made of diamonds, treat the earrings and bracelets that you use if they have a gem is this a diamond. You should opt for jewelry that matches the style of the wedding dress and with the place and time of the celebration to be really in tune with the medium.

The most important jewel: the Wedding Band

wedding bands

As a star of the bride’s accessories, we must mention the bridal alliance. The bride may not wear any other jewel, but the wedding ring cannot be absent from the wedding because it is already an intrinsic custom to the act of celebrating a wedding.

The design of wedding rings has evolved over the years. At first the wedding ring was made of iron and no precious stone was incorporated, but by the middle of the second century the rings were made of gold. The bride and groom belonging to the Christian religion used to engrave the symbol of Faith on their rings, considered a sign of mutual love.

Engagement rings are not shy about fashion, on the contrary, wedding ring designs transcend old borders and standards to achieve the effect desired by any bride: be unique and special.

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