Bridal earrings, for a very special day

On such a special day when everything must be perfect. We could say that the bridal earrings are the most important accessory for a bride. Although there are many details to take into account so that the set gives us an impeccable result. It all depends on your personal style, your taste and of course the dress you have chosen.

Wedding earrings and other accessories that highlight one style more than another

There are brides that tiaras or headbands do not suit them or they simply do not like them. Another piece that should be taken into account is the choker, obviously it is a very elegant and high-class piece, although you may opt for a small simple pendant without excessively standing out. However, I advise you to put yourself in the hands of professionals, or at least, that you can get advice from experienced people. (remember that the elegance in many occasions is in the simplicity)

flower and earrings

With regard to the bridal earrings that is the topic of today, there are several options. The typical and classic are the pearl earrings, which usually combine quite well with the dresses in white and ivory tones. Theirs would be white gold with diamonds and a pearl at the bottom. Its normal size would be about five centimeters long, although that depends more on the design itself and the style of the bride.

You can also buy the silver earrings with zircons and pearls. The visual aspect is very similar, although obviously there are differences but it is a good solution for more limited budgets.

For brides who do not feel good about long earrings or are not comfortable with this style, you can look at short or more collected earrings, these can vary from 15 millimeters to a maximum of 25 millimeters. If you don’t look good with pearls, you can opt for designs without them, in which diamonds or zircons predominate as the most feasible option.

zircom earrings

The variety of shapes and styles that you can access is wide, so choose the one that best suits your style, your character and personality.

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