Bridal jewelry, accessories for a special day

A great day in our life

As I have expressed on other occasions, I consider marriage to be a great event in a person’s life. Wanting to join in marriage with the being you love implies facing many responsibilities and the desire to share the good and bad moments that we have to live; but truly there is no happiness that equates to that provided by love.

The wedding, not banally, is considered as the moment when these two people legally and socially want to make their love known. That is why everyone strives to have a wonderful, unique and unforgettable wedding. To achieve this goal, the bride and groom take care of every detail, such as the guest list, the cake, the flowers, the decorations, and more personal things such as the wedding dress, the groom’s suit and the rings. of compromise.

wedding between women

Undoubtedly, the bride and groom and their relatives do not skimp, or put buts, do whatever they think is necessary and follow the indications of experts, all in order to have a special wedding party. The bride, in particular, pays a lot of attention to her appearance that day, which is why she wears very elegant and exclusive jewelry.

Bridal jewelry

About weddings there are infinities of myths and traditions that come from the most varied cultures. One of the best known is about what brides should wear that day, each object having a different meaning:

  • Something old : that symbolized the bride’s past, it was very common to wear a family jewel.
  • Borrowed : Represented friendship and the ability to attract happiness by using something borrowed from a happy friend. It could be a barrette or any other piece of jewelry, or something simpler like a scarf or a bra.
  • Something new : associated with the bright future that will begin since then, a headband or shoes were the ideal and therefore the most used.
  • Something blue : symbol of the couple’s fidelity, that is why a blue lace garter was used on the leg.

It is very important that brides choose well which jewels they want to wear on their wedding day, since these contribute to making them look divine, like perfect replicas of a Venus. In the same way, if we want to give jewelry as a wedding gift, it would be a very original idea to personalize it with a distinctive or representative symbol for the bride and groom, for example, some original earrings or wedding bands and for the groom a tie clip or the always elegant ones. cufflinks of personalized shirts. Take into account the style of the wardrobe they will wear to the party, so that they can wear them that same day.

pearl pendant for a wedding

Pearl jewelry is always in style. There is a lot of good presence that these incorporate to the look of a lady, and they are also easy to combine because they are generally white, although we can also find them in greenish, orange and pink tones. Without a doubt, they are a very wise choice to wear on the day they get married.

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