Bridal Jewelry: Look with your own style

The big day has arrived. The one you always dreamed of but never saw what could happen. Surely since you were little you dressed up in a wedding dress and put on the jewelry you found at home and let your imagination fly about what your wedding day would be like. And finally your great moment arrived, that day when your dream will come true and you will marry the ideal man for you.

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You must find the perfect look if you don’t want to displease the girl you once were… Surely you have a dress in mind and you will find it, but finding the right jewelry is surely a more difficult and complicated task. For this reason, in this post we will try to advise you on different styles of jewelry that will make you feel unique and special on the day of your wedding.

Simple jewelry for the bride

If there is something characteristic of a bride, it is simplicity. The trick of a good bridal makeup is to try to simulate the absence of makeup and a clean face. Well the same goes for jewelry. Wearing ornate and flashy jewelry is something that only the guests can afford; simplicity is the best option for you if you really want to dazzle.

They say that less is more and you will surely look perfect with simple earrings with beautiful pearls, a fine bracelet and perhaps a necklace or pendant, it also depends on the dress you have chosen.

Vintage jewelry for your wedding

Surely many brides are lucky and their mother or grandmother has left them a jewel that they wore at the time. A family piece with more sentimental than economic value. Some think that vintage jewelry is out of date and decide not to wear it because it does not go with their modern dress. The old is worn, remember that we go back to past fashions and putting on that jewel that your relatives wore in another era will be a success. If you are not lucky enough to be able to wear an inherited garment that day, there are places where you can simulate an old garment, a very successful trend in wedding jewelry.

Personalized jewelry for brides

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But the best choice, without a doubt, is that you feel comfortable that day. That you get the best of you and be yourself. And what better way to do it than designing the jewelry that you decide to wear that day, because your jewelry speaks of you. Create your personalized earrings with something that your future husband may like, that represents your love story and surprise him; or simulate the bracelet that your mother wore at her wedding and that she lost at a certain moment, and wear that vintage jewel that is so fashionable today. With JewelrySecrets you will be able to design the original wedding rings and be a different bride from the rest.

Because dreams come true, choose the perfect jewel on your wedding day and make the girl that still hides inside you smile.

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