Bridal tiaras: feel like a princess


Surely since childhood you dreamed of becoming a real princess. The beautiful stories that our parents told us, the famous animated films were starred by them. And it is that you once disguised yourself as a true daughter of kings or the wife of a future king and pretended that at some point you would occupy the throne.

 Over the years you realize that the reality is different, that princesses are not those With which you dreamed one day and that her role is more boring and difficult than you thought as a child, apart from becoming a real princess is something that very few achieve. But even so, the word princess sums up elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and special women, something that, surely you have managed to be, even if you do not have a noble title.

Your wedding: a day to be a princess

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In the day to day routine and lack of time prevent you from being that princess that you would like to be so much, because you cannot spend long hours choosing your jewelry or combing your hair. But there is a day when every woman has to feel like a true princess and that is your wedding day.

The tiara

If there is an accessory that you wore as a child every time you dressed up as a princess, it was a tiara. Princesses only wear them on very special days and therefore choosing to wear a tiara on your wedding day is the perfect time to achieve an authentic princess look. For this reason, from JewelrySecrets we want to help you so that the on your wedding day, look with your own light and find the ideal complement for your dress.

Spike Tiara

Spike tiaras are a trend, several well-known firms use them in their catalogs this year. You will be successful if you accompany this type of tiaras with a semi-collected or loose hair. They are perfect for dresses with a straight cut and very simple, they will help you bring luminosity and focus all eyes on your face.

Tiara flowers

bridal kiss

They are the most classic tiaras, some combine jewelry with pieces of fabric or silk, although the most classic is to use pearls in this type of piece because of the white color. It is the ideal complement for those brides who have chosen their romantic dress to bring even more sweetness to their look.

Imperial Tiara

They are the most striking, the ones that really do remind you of a real princess due to their size and size. They are to be worn with hair collected and must provide a precious stone that stands out. This type of tiaras are authentic works of art in jewelry and if your choice is to wear this type of tiaras, it is better that you choose the accessory before the dress and then choose the appropriate dress for this type of jewel.

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