Choosing your bridal earrings

Your wedding day will always be remembered for many reasons, and many moments. So many that (as those who have already passed through the court/church will have told you), you spend your day in a sigh.

A remarkable day worth remembering. A day in which you are the protagonist (with your partner), and therefore, you need to be perfect.

And one of the key elements for that is a correct choice of your bridal earrings.

bride with weading earrings

“Isn’t it enough to have some that you like?” But the answer is no. Obviously, they have to like you, they have to enchant you, they have to make you fall in love. But you must also take into account:

  • The shape of your face: having an elongated face is not the same as having a rounder or more angular face.
  • The length of your neck: it will seem silly, but it is important if you are going to choose long earrings. There must be a certain proportion, since excessively long earrings, in a person with a short neck, make the face rounder and the neck even shorter.
  • The shape of the dress: Closed neck, V-neck, boat neckline, strapless … depending on the type of dress, one type is better slope or other.
  • The style of the dress: It may be less relevant, since a good piece of white gold with diamonds suits practically everything. But when it comes to fashion, correlations always look good. Geometries with openwork shapes look great with suits where lace is relevant. White gold with beautiful cultured pearls being a very interesting option for more “classic” suits.
  • The hairstyle: An updo is not the same as a half updo, than to wear it loose. In fact, it is not the same to wear short hair than long. Your hair modifies the volume and shape / frame of your face. Cover your ears, or leave them completely exposed. It is important that you are very clear about the hairstyle that you will wear before choosing the earrings, because you could choose the less suitable, or they could not look what they deserve.

smiling bride with earrings

  • The veil: Another truism that you could overlook. The veil covers and draws attention, diverting it from the earrings. Something similar happens with loose hair, or a half collected, so in these cases a long and colorful earring is always better than a small one so discreet that it does not say anything.

The perfect bridal earrings for the perfect day

You see that there are many factors to take into account when choosing your bridal earrings. But don’t be overwhelmed! Actually, you already know yourself, and you know what kind of earrings suit you best. You just have to match that with the dress and hairstyle. And, of course, choose the earrings that you fall in love with. White gold and rhodium-plated silver are the ideal metals for the occasion, due to their perfect combination with the white of the dress.

beautiful bride

As for the stones and gems to use, the classic choices are diamond/zirconia on the one hand, and pearls on the other. Very soft, white, bright pastel tones fit like a glove with you, with your wedding dress, and with the occasion.

And the shape? Beyond long or short, there is design, style, and personal taste. You may find what you are looking for quickly, or you may not. I, you know, I am at your disposal to advise you, and work with you on your perfect earrings. Just contact me, and together we will create the personalized jewel you have always dreamed of.

Don’t forget that this is going to be one of the most important days of your life.

Let your earrings measure up!

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