Commitment alliances, their myths and traditions

How to choose the right ring?

About an event as special as marriage there are all kinds of myths and traditions that range from the entire prenuptial procedure that must be followed to the that a bride should wear that day. Something old, new, borrowed and blue is one of the classic traditions that brides have followed throughout history, as they have also closely followed the stories that, on alliances of commitment, have been born within the most diverse human societies.

kiss between a bride and a groom

The wedding rings are More than a mere accessory, they have a very strong sentimental charge in such a way that they can be symbol for a whole family and for their offspring. In this article I have the purpose of presenting some of the most beautiful traditions about wedding rings so that you know how to choose and appreciate these wonderful jewels more.

The Asian perspective

For the Chinese, the finger on which wedding rings should go is the ring finger. According to these, each finger has a meaning: the little finger represents the offspring, that is, the children; the annuller, to the couple; the middle finger, to the self; the index represents the closest friends and family such as brothers, cousins ​​and uncles; and the thumb, to the parents. As the ring finger represents the couple, the ring must be on this finger, also if we join all the fingers and try to separate the middle finger (which represents us ourselves) of the ring finger takes a lot of work; and it is simply because it is very difficult to separate from us the person we intensely love.

Egyptians and engagement rings

Engagement rings have one of the oldest traditions, dating back more than four thousand years, specifically to the time of the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians made rings out of twisted plant stems that were meant to symbolize eternal love.

Both Egyptians and Romans placed the engagement ring on the ring finger of the woman’s left hand. This was done because of the belief that there was a vein in the ring finger of the left hand that connected directly to the heart. This vein was known as “vena amoris”, or “vein of love.” Meaning pure and legitimate love. Therefore it was an proof of love irrefutable to put the wedding day the ring to the bride or groom on said finger.

Pearls: An unfair conception

pearl and diamond ring

According to an ancient legend, pearls are born in lakes formed by the tears shed by Adam and Eve when they were expelled from Paradise. Therefore, the bride who has a pearl engagement ring will be unhappy in her marriage. Unfortunately, tears have been associated with pearls because there is a pearl shape called a “pear” or “tear”, but it is a mistake to see them from that perspective. White pearls are the gems that best combine with the wedding dress, they are also a symbol of elegance and good taste for those women who wear them.

Which is the correct ring

Faced with the most extensive variety of exclusive designs that designer rings have, choosing the right one is a complicated task, as many rings can truly enchant us. From what has been said, it should be understood that choosing the engagement ring goes beyond choosing a ring for the mere fact of being beautiful.

diamond engagement ring

This must have an immediate connection with the bride and groom, therefore, once they have made the decision to marry, choose the ring with their future consort. If the groom wants to give a big surprise and therefore wants to buy alone or with the best man the ring must take into consideration the following in order to choose the correct wedding band: what is the style of the bride’s dress, what are the other jewels that she will wear, what are the bride’s tastes in terms of jewelery, etc. Let us remember that this jewel will mark a new path in a woman’s life that is why she deserves to have the right ring.

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