Engagement rings: a really happy ending

Sarah and Andrew have been dating for three years. It is lovely to see how they have evolved and how much they have gotten into each other. For him, she is a unique woman, and that faithfully represents everything that makes a woman of our century: elegance, intelligence, art for business, broad culture, independence .


The relationship of these young people is based on the mutual gift of love and understanding. With a view to the beginning of this summer, they decided to go on vacation to Martinique. But what she thinks will be a simple vacation will turn into a marriage proposal. But before this, Andrew needs to choose the perfect engagement ring. But how to choose a engagement ring when there are so many? Which of the thousands of exclusive designs is right for Sarah?

The tradition of the engagement ring

This beautiful tradition of engagement rings dates back to ancient times. At first, the man gave his girlfriend an iron ring that the woman kept until the promise of marriage was fulfilled. The first diamond engagement ring about which we have knowledge was the one given by Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy.

Another tradition is that the wedding ring should be placed on the left ring finger because This starts an “amoris” vein that connects with the heart.

The design of engagement rings

There are many designs that can be found in engagement rings, ranging from the classic solitary up to more suggestive such as hearts or any symbol that represents the partner. To make these, precious metals are used such as 925 sterling silver and gold of 18 carats.  Precious stones are also used, the diamond being the classic par excellence, but brides have warmly welcomed pearl rings.

The complexity of the design, the perfection of the work and its exclusivity, are elements that define the cost of a ring engagement, but there are undoubtedly rings for all purchasing levels.

wedding rings

Andrew has chosen a gold ring with diamonds, because Sarah loves this gem and have more than one gem with them. He thought that the diamond was the ideal gem, being characterized as an indestructible stone, which symbolizes the strength that must exist in a marital union and the mutual commitment of the couple. The word diamond comes from the Greek “adamas” which means invincible. As Andrew is determined to give more diamond jewelery to his future wife, he asked me for some advice to know when we are dealing with a quality diamond.

The 5 rules of quality diamond

  1. Size. It is the main quality, the one that marks the difference between a quality diamond and an imitation. A diamond that reflects a lot of light and shines, is because its facets and the correct angles are well proportioned, in this way the light comes out through the pavilion, therefore it is a well-cut diamond. We can even buy a real diamond, of great value, but if it is poorly cut, it will look poor and dull.
  2. Purity. It refers to the type of inclusions, the number and the internal and external marks that this may have.
  3. Certification. The certificate of a diamond guarantees its quality. Among the certificates most used by diamond cutters or jewelers are the GIA, Germacyt, IGI and HRK.
  4. Color. The diamond reflects a color tone that varies from perfect white to yellow.
  5. Carat weight. The weight directly influences the price of the diamond. And with the weight the size. To help you, 1 gr. They are 5 carats. So 1 carat equals 0.20 gr.

proposal of marriage

Today, just three days after embarking for his tropical destination, Andrew has what will be the jewel of his most sincere Declaration of love, a jewel that he will undoubtedly give to his future wife: a happy ending.

It would be a pleasure for JSecrets Design to know your opinions about which is your perfect engagement ring . Let us know your comments, greetings and see you soon.

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