Engagement Rings: Legends and Differences

A few days ago, talking to a client and friend, she suggested that in addition to the topics that I address about jewelry in this blog, why not also talk about closer or everyday topics, such as, for example, engagement rings, wedding rings, alliances, wedding earrings, etc.

So I thought that I could make a hole in my blog for these topics since they can be of a more general interest.

Anyway, I got down to work and began to document myself. I chose first “The engagement ring” as the theme to develop. And of course, of course, I began to see discussions and differences in some forums. Reaching the conclusion that, depending on the place or country, there are customs or traditions. I even verified (as is normal) that the same term does not mean the same in all countries.

What is the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings?

Although in most places it refers to the same thing, in Spain we can distinguish as engagement rings the one that the man gives to the woman on the day of the “Hand request”, which is when one officially commits to his loved and set wedding date. In exchange, the man formerly received another ring, although nowadays the man generally receives a wristwatch, I also know cases where gold cufflinks are given to match the Pisa tie, which is worn on the wedding day.

However, the wedding ring, also known as a wedding band, is the one that is given between the couple who is going to get married, that of the “I do.” In this case it is placed on the right hand, just the opposite of the engagement ring, with the same exceptions.

Wedding rings

Legends and some history notes

Engagement rings have one of the oldest traditions, dating back more than four thousand years, specifically to the time of the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians made rings of twisted plant stems that were meant to symbolize eternal love.

Both Egyptians and Romans placed the engagement ring on the ring finger of the woman’s left hand. This was done because of the belief that there was a vein in the ring finger of the left hand that connected directly to the heart. This vein was known as “vena amoris”, or “vein of love”. Meaning pure and legitimate love.

In the old days, the first engagement rings were made of iron, later they were exchanged for gold ones. Currently, the most typical thing is that they are made of white gold with a diamond. Although that already depends on the purchasing power of each one.

Engagement ring

The first diamond engagement ring to be gifted in this context was by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477.

However, there is a lot of speculation about the origin of the engagement ring. Some texts that I have found suggest that the rings could have evolved from the chains of slaves, and therefore symbolize the slavery of the future husband and wife.

As you can see, history always helps us understand customs and traditions with curious legends of the most varied.

I think that a good way to enrich yourself is to share the different opinions and experiences of that special day as it is the day you were given your engagement ring. The same as the customs of your region or country, since this blog is read and followed every day by more people from both Latin America and Spain.

I welcome the comments that you can contribute to this new post, I say goodbye, waiting for your experiences.

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