Keys to choosing your wedding jewelry

A wedding is a thousand details and moments, a thousand memories to keep as treasures. But there is one figure that stands out above the rest, which attracts the maximum attention and all eyes: the bride.

The star of the evening.

That day you shine with your own light. And so that nothing spoils or dulls your look, you must pay attention to all the details. The dress first. The hairstyle is also key. The bouquet is the color note you need. And the jewels? The jewels of your wedding are the final clasp, the closure that enhances all your virtues and makes you look dazzling.

bride with a bouquet of flowers

Precisely for this reason, you must be very careful when choosing them: an inappropriate piece of jewelry can “grind” and spoil your appearance, when it should do otherwise.

In this little guide I leave you several tips with which you will be right when choosing your wedding jewelry.

3 general tips before choosing your wedding jewelry

Before starting to talk about specific pieces and aspects, there are 3 great tips that you should always keep in mind when choosing jewelry:

“Less is more”

Sure you have read it in many places, but it is the great truth. And the reason is clear. On your wedding day you are all a jewel, so to speak. Your dress, your makeup, your hairstyle are special, exceptional, and demand attention.

But beauty is not in excess, but in balance : if you go overboard with jewelry, it will look overloaded, and the whole will lose impact, it will be less harmonious. It is better to wear a few pieces, because their impact will be greater, and they will enhance the rest of the elements .

Don’t mix

If you are silver, silver. If you are gold, gold, and the same tone. What does not quite fit is the mixture of metals in different pieces, that breaks the balance.

Harmonize the colors

When choosing your jewelry, think about the whole. And this is valid for both metals and stones.

  • The metal must harmonize with the dress: Dresses in ivory tones, or with beige nuances, fit very well with yellow gold, and with pink, which are becoming more and more fashionable. For white dresses, white gold and silver are the options that work best.

hand with a ring

  • Gems either sparkle or fit: Anything other than sparkle or fit should not be used. The classic wedding stones are diamonds, zircons or pearls, white sparkles and sparkles. If you are going to add a note of color, the stone does not matter: turquoise, sapphires… What matters is that they harmonize with any other color element that is in your outfit: in the dress, in the hairstyle or in the bouquet. If it does not fit, it will be too many colors and again the balance is broken.

These three general rules should be kept in mind at all times when choosing wedding jewelry.

And now, let’s go to the specific aspects and pieces:

Wedding jewelry: how to choose the pieces

In your bridal look, jewelry has a range.

The rings are in command

It is no longer that that ring represents your love and your marriage (which is no small thing!).

It is also that everyone will go to look at your hands, they will want to see your wedding band as soon as you leave the church or the court, and they will also see your engagement ring.

Interestingly, it is for the only piece for which I do not give more recommendations than the general ones. Because such a special, symbolic piece must speak of you, it is your symbol of love. And if I recommend something, it is that they be personalized wedding rings, something that no one else in the whole world is going to wear.

The bridal earrings are the squires

The next most important piece after the rings. The reason? That will stand out for the hairstyle, and for the hairstyle.

bride with flowers and earrings

The hairstyle draws attention to the exact height so that the earrings stand out like two spotlights in the night. And by highlighting, they enhance the hairstyle that frames them.

  • If you wear a updo , longer earrings feel great.
  • If you wear your loose hair , the long earring fades, and even gets tangled . Better short or small pieces.

Then, apart from the hair, you have to take into account your physiognomy: the shape of your face, and the length of your neck, can advise or discourage the type of piece. But since that physiognomy is already taken into account by your stylist when you do the tests, you will basically have to match the earrings with the hairstyle you are going to wear.

The pendant is optional

Of all the jewels that you can wear on your wedding day, surely the pendant is the one that has the least importance a priori. To the point that many brides rule out wearing a necklace or pendant.

For many reasons. Because of that “less is more” from before, or because the neckline of the dress already demands enough attention: a bride with a strapless and a good updo does not need any necklace to look better, her naked neck is already a jewel.

If you decide to wear a choker, apart from the general recommendations, you will have to find a balance between the type of neckline and your appearance, specifically the length of your neck. The recommendations that I left in this article on choosing necklaces will serve you perfectly.

I hope these tips are useful to you and help you look like never before on your wedding day.

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