Living a fairy tale


…And they lived happily ever after. Who has not heard that wonderful ending of fairy tales, where the prince and the princess (or sometimes commoner), after the most adverse situations, can have a fascinating wedding. We know that reality is not as pink as those stories, but the love that two people can feel is. A wonderful proof of that love is the fact of getting married.

A wonderful proof of love

Marriage is an institution that has lasted for centuries and centuries, which has different conceptions depending on the perspective from which it is viewed. For the Catholic Church it is one of the seven sacraments, indissoluble once contracted. But the most important point of view (that of those who marry) is none other: for him or her this is the best way to tell the world, out loud, how much you love the being with whom you want to share the rest of the days of his life.

The wedding day is a very important day, so it is prepared in advance, covering every little detail. One of those significant details is the choice of wedding bands.

Engagement rings

golden engagement ring

Engagement rings are more than just luxury. They represent the comforting love that one offers to the other, the promise of a future filled with happiness and love. It will be unequivocal proof of the union of two that complement and need each other.

It is very fashionable customize wedding rings at the request of the bride and groom . They go to Jewelry Consultancies in search of something new, elegant and fine designs that no one else has.

As the occasion deserves, precious metals such as silver and gold are chosen by the betrothed, the engagement rings are of any of these and therefore, the piece is of greater glamor and finesse, and to wear them with pride and satisfaction. the day of the marriage.

Rooting for the classic is not bad, because defending our tastes never is; But closing the doors to the modern jewelry designs that are the hottest trend today is an act of total injustice. It is about letting ourselves be seduced by them, it is not difficult at all. Engagement rings are not hidden from fashion, on the contrary, more and more women are wearing spectacular, unique engagement ring designs on their wedding day for unique brides.

Undoubtedly, when choosing the engagement ring, it is worth taking into account the style of our wedding dress and the other accessories that we will use, such as the earrings, bracelets or necklaces that we will use. Also consider our personal taste is necessary, because this ring we will wear from that moment until the last of our lives.

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