Original ideas of wedding gifts from the bride to the groom

Many brides are faced with a great challenge when deciding on a wedding gift for their groom that really surprises him. Each person is a world and men are sometimes difficult to surprise, but not impossible.

In my article today I share with you some original ideas from wedding gifts for him.

Gift for you to enjoy your favorite hobby

A wedding gift for your boyfriend related to his favorite hobby (tennis, golf, fishing , running, etc) is a great idea. For example, a new set of golf clubs for lovers of this sport, or some high-quality sports shoes for lovers of running.


With a gift of this type, you will be sending him the signal that you accept and share his hobbies with him, and that you like him enjoy them.

A present for a sporting event or concert


If your guy is a sports or music lover, a very good idea is to get him tickets to an event sports special for him or for a concert of his favorite music group. This will be a great detail that you will never forget.

A journey for the travel enthusiast


For a boyfriend who loves travel and discovery, a bride should consider organizing a tour that will surprise him. A trip with soul and charm planned in detail to suit your tastes.

A sentimental gift

You can decide on an object that reminds your partner of a special moment in your courtship. Find a beautiful keepsake and turn it into a classic and elegant wedding gift. You can, for example, give him a fine silver photo frame with the most romantic photo of the two.

As a sentimental gift we also have personalized jewelry with a message symbolizing your love for him. An exclusive quality jewel, it will be a garment that he always carries with him and that therefore reminds him of you at every moment.

cross cufflinks

To give you ideas, I give you some examples: Adriana, a girl who commissioned me to design some cufflinks personalized. I designed them for her in sterling silver, adapting to her budget. It was certainly a surprise for her boyfriend.

Pilar, commissioned me to give her boyfriend Toni, (a motorcycle enthusiast), the piston of silver one Harley Davidson in the form of a pendant. A totally exclusive and personalized detail that did not leave indifferent.

A personalized jewel is perfect for your boyfriend to perceive that you know what he is like and what his tastes are, and without a doubt It will be a gift that you will never forget.

Can you think of any other original ideas? Share it with us in the comments!

Greetings and see you soon.

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