Precious stones for wedding bands

More options than you can imagine

Wedding bands are usually “smooth” rings, but in the case of the bride they usually have some discreet stones. In this article we will talk about the traditional ones, but also about new trends and surprising possibilities when choosing the stones for your wedding bands.

wedding bands

The classic stones for wedding rings

You cannot start talking about alliances and not talk about diamond. King among all gems, its brilliance and white reflections shine in both gold and silver, and represent purity. This makes them the ideal stone for a wedding.

However, you don’t have to stick with the classic diamond. There are diamonds of different shades, which are given by the small particles of other minerals or metals trapped in the crystal lattice of carbon.

Among all of them, the one that is being seen the most lately is the black diamond.

black diamond

It is a mysterious stone, the origin of which is not yet entirely clear. It is a diamond in all its meaning of the word, it has the crystalline structure of a diamond, but it is black in color. The reason is small inclusions of iron inside, which give it this tonality. But in addition, they are more porous than ordinary diamonds, which has generated many hypotheses about where they originate.

Currently, the most reliable theory indicates that they originate… extraterrestrial! Formed in the vastness of space before reaching Earth!

Can you imagine what it would be like to marry a jewel that was formed in the depths of the Universe?

The mysterious brilliance of the black diamond is an eye-catcher, and it contrasts incredibly with both gold and silver.

Those in battle

It is true that diamond is expensive, although small pieces set in a wedding band do not have to make it unaffordable. But for those who cannot invest too many resources, zirconia is the ideal solution.

At first glance you have to be an expert to distinguish them, since once synthesized they acquire a tone and cut equivalent to that of a diamond. And it is still a very hard crystal with a beautiful shine, which fits wonderfully with the metal you choose for your wedding rings.

The color note

You are not required to wear a white stone. You may want something special. Nothing over the top, just a touch of color.

It is true that for a wedding band one is not going to use gemstones. lower range, of those used in costume jewelery.

But there are precious gems that can turn an alliance into a show with a wise combination of colors (for example, matching the color details of your wedding dress).

RUBY: Its red speaks of fire and passion, and combined with diamonds it shows an overwhelming personality.


ESMERALDA: For the optimists. The green glow of the emerald speaks of dreams, vitality and joy. If those are the features of your wedding, a small green emerald in your wedding rings can be the icing on the cake.


SAPPHIRE: After the red and green, comes the blue of the sapphire. Calm, wisdom: blue is an elegant and very particular color that transmits serenity, and that will make your wedding ring as powerful as it is ethereal.

beautiful precious stone

As I always say: the limit when looking for or creating the jewel of your dreams is in your imagination. And the symbolism of the stones in your wedding band can only be given by you.

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