The memory of your commitment: a unique alliance

a couple dancing in his wedding

Everyone has moments that they want to remember at some point, but time passes and we can’t catch that special event. For this reason, there are objects that remind us of what we have experienced at a specific moment.

Wedding bands

The moment of your wedding is a unique event, a symbol of union between you and one of the most special people in your life and the one chosen to accompany you in the long way of your life. That is why wedding bands are that special object that reminds you of how happy you are and of the very special person you have by your side. A symbol of union that captures your happiness and reminds you of the date on which you decided to formalize your relationship through a commitment.

An alliance designed by yourselves

Every pair is different. Surely you remember that unique moment when you met your boyfriend / girlfriend and did not imagine that soon he will become your husband or wife. Or that trip that consolidated your relationship. A date in the middle of a park or your first kiss … Every moment is part of you and that is why you are unique and special. Wedding bands are something that you will always wear, so choosing your unique alliances is very important. For this reason JewelrySecrets proposes that you design your own original and personalized alliances, because, as a couple, you are unique.

Traditional wedding rings

wedding bands on a pink flower

Traditional alliances are those made in smooth yellow or white gold, which inside incorporate the date of your engagement. These types of alliances are timeless and allow you to combine them with any garment and on any occasion. If you want to give a different touch to this type of alliances you can design them in rose gold, a trend in brides this season.

Wedding ring with phrase

Surely there is a phrase that perfectly defines your beautiful love story or some words with which you feel identified. So why not make some beautiful alliances with a unique phrase for you or create the two alliances that together create that phrase so important to you but that separately do not say anything. Words create stories and what better way to incorporate words into your alliances.

Alliance with symbology

engagement rings on a red flower

There are symbols and shapes that you will surely identify with. Originality is part of some couples and why not make different alliances. Using each member’s footprints can be a different way to create unique alliances. Think of something fun that identifies you and create it yourself.

Because alliances recall the past, but they will always be part of the present.

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