The right look as a wedding guest

wedding with guests

In your agenda there is an event marked as important soon, the wedding of your best friend or an important family member and every time you observe that date the stress begins because you still do not have a look suitable for that important occasion.

Only rule for wedding guests

Weddings are sometimes a real headache because choosing the right model and accessories is difficult. The guests should look beautiful, but there is one rule above all: do not stand out more than the bride.

It is at that moment where doubts assail and the choice of model is complicated, because you must look beautiful but never extravagant and never better than your friend or your family member.

The right look for a wedding guest

In previous posts we have offered you 5 tips to get your jewelry right as a wedding guest. But, this time we want to advise you on the right look so that you look properly that day, taking into account the problems that may arise.

Wedding day or night: how to get it right

guests at a weddingAs we have said many times, simplicity is the key to elegance. For this reason, choosing a simple dress with pearls as earrings is a wise option that never fails, especially for day weddings. To the cocktail dresses you should add short earrings, with a single precious stone and with very simple shapes. Choosing white gold is perhaps a wise choice for this type of dress, especially if you must cover your head with a headdress or hat.

If, on the other hand, the wedding is at night and requires a long dress, the choice of a bracelet or bracelet will be the ideal complement you need. Necklaces can sometimes be difficult to match. If you want to incorporate a necklace into your look, always look for the appropriate measure taking into account the types of necklaces.

The problem: Go the same as another guest

One of the problems with finding your model is the question of whether someone will look the same as you that day. So if you have an idea about what you want, it is best to design your own model as well as your jewelry.

Finding a dressmaker will help you create that perfect dress that you want so much and despite what many of you think, the price is often very similar to what you can find in a department store. JSecrets will help you with the jewels and will be able to capture what you want in a jewel.

Because the perfect look for a guest is one in which you can stand out among the guests, but never more so than the bride.

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