Ways to escape the conventional

Over the years some customs remain, while others change. When it comes to getting married, there are things that come and go. But some traditions had remained unchanged until relatively recently:

  • Marry in white.
  • Exchanging Plain Gold Alliances.

And this has been changing for a while. Increasingly, people are rebelling against corset-like traditions. They want a moment as special as their wedding day to be authentically theirs and no one else’s. Not just one more wedding among the thousands that take place each year.

Ways to escape the conventional

Therefore, if you are one of those who want to escape the conventional, and do exactly what you want on your wedding day, the best places to “attack” are suits and alliances. That they are the center of attention of all eyes. And believe me: you can have some original wedding bands as groundbreaking as they are elegant, just like the suits.

Amazing wedding dresses

In her outfit, there are two conventional lines to break, according to taste.

One is the color, the other is the style.

I mean by this that to break with conventions you do not need to abandon white, or the usual ivory and light tones. They are beautiful, and the final look depends entirely on the design. Here is an article with a collection of original wedding dresses in mostly white tones:

If you want to go a little further, then I recommend this wonderful compilation full of ideas, colors, and very daring shapes. Without limits: embroidery, prints, black, purple, reflections…

bride with a different wedding dress

Original wedding rings to match your suit

With wedding bands it happens as with suits, that there are two lines to cross: the metal color, and the design.

As for the first, gold is still the king metal at weddings. White gold, or silver, are other more classic options. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these shades. A matte surface completely changes the tone of the metal, and with a rhodium plating you can surprise everyone with unforeseen touches of color:

But as I always say: if you want original wedding bands to the last consequence, then you have to invent them yourself. I have already helped quite a few couples to give shape to your dream alliances, and I know that as soon as you come up with that idea that would symbolize your union in a unique and special way, you will no longer be able to get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalliances out of your head custom.

And the thing is that the most original thing in the world is always oneself, who has no replica. And the couple that the two of you form is even more special.

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