Working with passion is a must

working hard

Working with passion has become a necessity for me, without forgetting that it is also a I am privileged to dedicate myself professionally to this artistic skill that is jewelry design. One more discipline than as a plastic artist I develop with passion. But do you know how interesting all this is?

That working with passion has many advantages, your clients realize, feel it and you imbue them with that passion that you transmit. And they really appreciate it. Because working with Pasión is a very powerful resource, and that is a decision; an attitude that makes you give the best you have at all times, and that is the big difference. Help my clients with the best of me and make them live an experience.

Passion does not understand distances.

Perhaps Destiny, Constancy, Growth as a professional or all together have led me to develop important projects in Argentina of the I’ll be announcing you as usual by this means.

Today I tell you an experience. Argentina has been the Destination, social networks the medium, and the desire to do things differently, an attitude. Yes that is far! About 10,000 km or close? It depends on how you look at it, right?


But taking advantage of the trip I made a commitment to Luis that I would design and wear his engagement ring in person, in white gold with zircons. That symbolize the Infinite. And that’s how clear it was, after several meetings by video conference, and different proposals on my part, he chose the one he liked the most. He lived with me the entire creative process of that jewel so special to him. That without a doubt I developed and created with all the passion that I put into any jewel that I design. But like every jewel, with that personal story that surrounds the creation of a Personalized Jewel, it is the representation of an emotion that only its recipient has the quality and privilege of receiving.

Trust and Honesty, two essential values ​​to work with passion

The formality and treatment that Luis gave me at all times was exemplary, added to the trust that he showed me from the beginning. Let’s say that this connection was a fundamental ingredient for the final result of the jewel to be the one we obtained. I still remember Luís in Santiago del Estero, the afternoon I gave him his engagement ring in person! It was a magnificent moment, when he opened the box that I gave him, where was the ring that he ordered me months ago. The emotion on his face said it all. He lived through the whole process with me, the first renderings, the prototype, the foundry. He learned step by step each of the processes through which his Personalized jewel passed. He traveled more than 10,000 km. And it was time to see her physically, live.


It was undoubtedly a true experience, as Luís himself said – Dilan, in addition to the result that is obvious, I highlight the emotion, the experience that I have lived. Seeing from the beginning the evolution of the creative process , like little by little this dream, this feeling has taken the shape of the jewel.

And for me as an Artist, to be able to represent the feeling that a person transmits to me in a personalized jewel, it is a privilege. And as a person, a very great satisfaction that can only be achieved working with Passion.

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